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Ken Simmons

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Answered 3 years ago

Ken Simmons

Jill Wohlrab

I am not a school psychologist, but, I am a veteran public school educator (teacher and administrator)........I can share these facts:
-There are only a handful of SP per school district, thus making getting the job difficult.
-Once hired, the task load is much lower than that of a classroom teacher. In our district, SP are available for parent and teacher conferences with little notice.
-SP work with only one student at a time........whether it is in the classroom observing or in the one-on-one testing situation.
-SP take time during the student day to write reports.
-SP have a separate, higher salary scale than classroom teachers.
-Several SP in my area do independent testing in the evenings and on the weekends NOT as a school board employee.
-The majority of SPs have a master's degree-some have higher credentials. Their "opinions" appear to have more weight than teachers with the same or higher credentials.

These are observations I have made over decades as a professional educator. They are true for my district, they may not be true for other districts.

Answered 4 years ago

Jill Wohlrab