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If you are interested in teaching psychology at a university level, you must hold a master's degree or doctorate degree in psychology. As for high school level, the minimum requirement to teach in public school systems in the United States is a bachelor's degree. Depending on the state you live in, you need to receive a certification and license to teach. Therefore, after completing your bachelors degree, you should look into the teaching credential program. There are programs for multiple subjects (k-6) and single subjects. If you are looking into single subjects (psychology), there may be additional courses you need to take during college as pre reqs to apply to the teaching credential program. More over, you need to pass a competency exam and complete a student teaching program. Generally speaking, the credential program takes about 2 years to depending on how many units you take. If you need help finding the requirements for teaching certifications in your state, please let me know.

Currently, I would advise you to contact local schools near you to see if you are able to sit in or volunteer in a classroom. This will give you a hands on experience in working in the educational field. It will also be great, to gain work or volunteer experience working in the field of psychology.

Answered 9 years ago