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Mario Antonio Martinez

Sounds like you are a compassionate person. This is a key quality that is essential to the teaching profession. Congratulations on getting accepted to Kent State. The school has a well-respected education department. Right now I would advise you to continue with your interest in science. You might want to get your feet wet in education by taking a course in the Ed dept on campus. I would also recommend that you keep a journal to record your thoughts and feelings for the time that you are in college. You will find remarkable development over the course of time that way. A teacher in any content area should have passion about the content of the discipline (in your case, science), but should also take interest in helping young people to develop and grow as you teach skills and help to refine thinking processes. So, the real question is whether you could commit yourself to working with people. There are many different ways this could go as you continue your work at Kent State. There are many ways to help and inspire people. Sometimes its as simple as volunteering your time. There are also disciplines like social work that help people as well. Be open to possibilities as you navigate your way through the undergraduate experience. Things will open up for you. I hope this helps.

Answered 9 years ago

Mario Antonio Martinez