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Aydee Salas


Anyone thinking about becoming a teacher, needs to take a lot of time to think about it.

Unfortunately just as we have many great teachers, we have many that entered the education field for other reasons, not related to wanting to help and support our youth for our future. In other words, for many teachers, teaching is just a job and a paycheck.

Regardless of the age you are thinking to teach, there a many things to consider. Here are a few...

1. why do you want to teach?
2. how much effort are you willing to put into this profession?
3. in regards to education, what do you believe in?
4. what is your educational philosophy?
5. what age group are you considering teaching and why?
6. how much patience do you have? do you easily get frustrated?
7. how well do you work under pressure?
8. how flexible are you? (sometimes the unexpected happens, and you are unable to accomplish what you had planned for the day, and have to make changes)
9. have you thought about the different types of learners there are? (not everyone learns or processes information at the same pace, therefore you need to take that into consideration when planning curriculum etc.)
10. are you comfortable talking to parents? (if it's younger children)

Keep in mind that teaching is different for everyone and what teaching means to me may not be the same for others.

For me teaching is my passion, I eat, drink, and breathe it. Being able to provide and facilitate my students with many creative ways to thrive and overcome challenges is what keeps me going. For me, teaching does not end when my students go home, I consistently think about what I can do to make their learning opportunities better. l continue to educate myself, although I have a Masters, I still do a lot of research and continue to educate myself to keep up with the education field. I also research for ideas to challenge my students.

Perhaps consider contacting schools and see if you can do some observations. Being able to sit in a classroom and observe the dynamics, schedule, teaching styles, etc. is a good insight. There are many teaching philosophies, progressive, Montessori, structured, religious. There is also a difference between school districts and private schools. Keep in mind private isn't just religious, private is also a school that is independent. You might considering seeing the differences. As a teacher you need to develop your own philosophy which will then guide what type of school you would want to teach in.

There is a lot more to consider and look into. Most importantly is first finding out why you are considering teaching.

I hope this was helpful

Answered 9 years ago

Aydee Salas