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Aydee Salas


Sounds like you are on the right path in regards to teaching, creativity and passion for working with children are very important.

I am not sure that the education field is diminishing, as long as people keep having children, the need for schools and teachers will be there. However you might consider doing some research on job websites to see what the demand for teachers in your area is.

Teaching is definitely very rewarding, but also it is definitely not for everyone. Teachers need to be genuinely invested in their students development.

Research schools and jobs in your area, check college programs and degrees which can give you various job and career options in case teaching does not work out for you.

Also if creativity is one of your strengths, check out schools with philosophies which allow room for teachers to use their creative skills. Not all schools are flexible, some are very structured and have a set way of teaching.

Good Luck!

Answered 9 years ago

Aydee Salas