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To the English teachers out there, is there anything you have to teach that you don't agree with? If so,does it really bother you?

I wanted to be an English teacher but now I'm not sure because of formal writing, I hate it and I think it's nonsense. I would have to teach them formal writing but I don't want to because I think it's nonsense. Plus I'd have to write all those papers in college...

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Amleth Lyn

English is my second language because I was born and raised in the Philippines. Since it is part of our curriculum from early education to higher education, we are expected to have a good understanding in communication skills. However as years go by and many factors that influence language learning, many students at present have low proficiency in English.

Now to answer your question, as an English teacher back home for 8 fruitful years I have learned to embrace this language. I taught many students to communicate using our second language, some were good and some needed improvement while others did not care much. I never dislike any part of learning using English mainly because I enjoy this language and I feel a great accomplishment especially in writing compositions.

Writing is part of our lives. It doesn't stop when you graduate in college instead it continues once you land a job. In fact, your business writing skill for example is very useful when you prepare reports or send quotes or any business transactions with paper trail.

Teaching students to write is never easy, but once you make them and assist them you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Answered 8 years ago

Amleth Lyn