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Mario Antonio Martinez

This is a good question. There may be good colleges out there that would allow you to complete your degree and do your teaching practicum in Sioux City. There are other options out there, however. A number of land grant universities and well respected private universities now offer education masters in online formats. This can open up possibilities to earn a credential from a respected university while maintaining your residence wherever you want. The only stipulation would be to know where you would ultimately like to get your license and follow that state's requirements for licensure. There are plenty of options out there. A good bit of sage advice is to avoid for-profit colleges and universities, and focus on a public or private university that is land based, or an online/hybrid program that is run through a public university. There are several colleges and universities of good repute that offer masters of art or masters of science in teaching. These include: Drexel, University of Southern California, Texas Tech University, and a number of others. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

Mario Antonio Martinez