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Travlyn Vaughn

Teachers can do a lot of different types of things, actually. Elementary teachers teach all subjects K-6, however there are also teachers who can teach science, PE, and art in Elementary school as well. Secondary teachers (7-12) teach a subject area, like English etc... However, both types of teachers can get Special Education credentials and teach students with special needs. Teachers can can also go into corporate training and help large companies train their employees on things like policies and new programs.

Many teachers like to go into curriculum development after they have taught for a while, so they work on making lesson plans for other teachers.

I was a teacher for 15 years, and I ended up becoming a Game Designer, using a lot of the same skills I used as a teacher. I have friends who have gone from teaching to law and vice versa.

Teaching is a great career. The best teachers are intellectually curious and like young people.

I hope that answers your question!

Answered 9 years ago

Travlyn Vaughn