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Diana Gonzalez

A degree in child development can allow you to to work in a variety of different fields. You can work with pre-school or in child care settings, education, with community services and social services, medical settings, government organizations, and business industries. You can become a teaching administrator, early childhood education specialist, parent-child educator, program administrator, case manager, counselor, child life specialist, occupational therapist, youth advocate, child welfare worker, social worker, work with organizations whose emphasis is children such as toy companies, book publishers or organizations whose focus is children.

The field of Child development is very broad. With further education, you can specialize in a particular field that you find interesting. For instance, you can become a teacher (K-12 grade), child psychologist, social worker, therapist just to name a few. Depending on what your interests are, will determine what steps you need to take to work in that particular field.

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Answered 9 years ago

Diana Gonzalez