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Sonia Mercado

Hi there... when I graduated from the university with a degree in psychology, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I can tell you that year's later, having the BA degree opened the door for me to apply to a variety of positions where a BA degree was the minimum qualification. I've worked in public service for many years, later went on to earn my Masters in Higher Education, and am now Dean of Student Services at a local community college. Oftentimes, a BA degree helps you meet minimum qualifications for entry level public service positions, whether at a local college, university, or state or local government. Look for an area that you're interested in, like education or social services and apply for entry level positions-- once you're in the system, you can explore pathways for advancement that may or may not later require an advanced degree.

Years ago, I didn't know that I'd end up where I am now.... but it was my degree in psychology that helped me start on my career path in postsecondary education.

Good luck to you!


Answered 6 years ago

Sonia Mercado