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What is a good major to pair with Anthropology?

As someone who is looking into a future in anthropology, I also know that it is a tough field to find a job in, and therr for to be useful, needs to be paired with something else. The problem here is I am unsure of what to pair it with. I am unaware of the possibilities that there might be. Also, I put it under education becaus e I have to choose a subject but there is none for this question.

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Sue Howell

Try to think about this differently than you are. Instead of looking for something that will complement Anthropology, pick something that interests you. The eventual pairing will make sense because its a good paring for "you!" I've encountered so many people who have double majors in fields that from the outside, makes no sense at all. But it does to the person with the degrees and they eventually find a career that makes use of both of them and is a perfect fit. Choosing something just because it seems to go well with something else is a pairing headed to disaster. You'll end up unhappy and probably looking for another career path. (As a side note, in my opinion, ANYTHING goes well with anthropology. Its the study of humankind. What doesn't go well with that?) Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

Sue Howell