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Emily Silva

I graduated with a degree in History 10 years ago and my degree has helped me obtain employment in the 2 very different fields.
When I graduated, I planned on furthering my education to become a college professor since I didn't particularly enjoy teaching high school age. However, my path changed when I needed to pay back my loans.
I was recruited to be a licensed financial rep at a bank and was very successful. I found that history was actually very useful in this career as it repeats itself and I was able to connect with my elderly clients on a deeper level. A deeper trust was formed because I was not just some finance person and could carry on an intelligent conversation.
Then, I changed paths when I wanted to travel and explore a less stressful job. I am now a sales representative for a company that sells winemaking products. I travel all over the world and consult winemakers in California. History has been so helpful in this career mainly for the travel aspect...I know about the countries I am visiting. Also, wine is very historical and the knowledge I received in school has catapulted me further in my career.

Basically, the possibilities are endless. Are you interested in teaching history or is history just your passion? If it is a passion of yours, harness the knowledge you have obtained and it will help you work with people and organization. It will also make you a better international employee.

I hope this helps,

Answered 9 years ago

Emily Silva