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Lekesha Williams

The first step you should take before considering an internship is to do your research. One of the biggest mistake people make is deciding on an internship in a field that they do not wish to work. Try to choose an internship somewhere that you would desire to work after graduating. This will take a bit of self reflection. Some common sectors are: social services, alcohol counseling, behavior management, group home services, juvenile services, case management, life skills coaching, juvenile court, halfway house counseling, or community outreach. There are so many others so it might be best to narrow down a few that you are interested in. Once you have narrowed down a few options, you should bring your suggestions to the lead faculty member of the human service program at your college or university. They may already have alliances and partnerships set up with organizations in your local area. You can also visit these organizations personally and ask to speak with their human resources representative to find out about opportunities.

Answered 6 years ago

Lekesha Williams