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Mario Antonio Martinez

This is a good question. Some of it depends on the kind of master. There are many: the M.A.T., the M.Ed., the M.A., the M.S. The kinds of skills you develop in your master degree will determine how you could market yourself outside of public private schools. For example, if you have a master with an emphasis on quantitative skills, you might be able to market those quantitative skills. If you have a master with an emphasis on the art of teaching, you may have skills that would apply to other kinds of work as well. The important thing is that you should focus on the skills you have and market them. In the very least, you could market your skills as an instructor, as an evaluator of learning. These can go along way, depending on how you market them. It may also be wise to consider investing in a certificate course of study to augment skills that would make you even more marketable. For example, a certificate in data science is a small investment that would open more doors, or a museum studies certificate may allow you to work with a museum with your experience in teaching.

An approach that might help is if you see a potential direction you want to go in, volunteer some time in a position that would allow you to see what would be needed to go further in that direction. Sometimes volunteering opens opportunities for employment, and in the very least, offers some experience. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

Mario Antonio Martinez