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Would volunteering at an elementary school qualify for part 2 of the requirements to obtain a Child Development Associate Teacher Permit? If so, how will I be able to obtain the letter verification?

In order to obtain a Child Development Associate Teacher Permit, you must:
1. Complete a minimum of 12 semester units of course work in early childhood education or child
development (excluding field work), including at least one course of at least three semester units in each
of the following core areas:
? Child/human growth and development
? Child, family, and community, or child and family relations
? Programs/curriculum
2. Complete at least 50 days of experience in an instructional capacity in a child care and development
program, working at least three hours per day within the last two years. This experience must be
verified by submitting an original letter from the employer on official letterhead. CL-797 11/13 Page 3 of 9
School-Age Emphasis under this option requires that 6 of the 12 semester units in early childhood/child
development be in school age course work.

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Mario Antonio Martinez

It is possible, but I would advise obtaining hours through the university where you have done coursework. This is because it is possible that the hours must be clinically supervised in addition to having a supervisor signed off. The _best bet_ is to figure out the agency that grants the license or permit and ask that agency directly. They will be able to specifically answer your question. Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

Mario Antonio Martinez

Jayson Nguyen

Addressed all of your concerning to the County School Districts and or school boards Administrations Department. Each State's and or County's has it own regulations. So 1 size doesn't fit all. I cannot using the State of Florida where I living as a guideline for you if you're not a Floridian :D

Answered 6 years ago

Jayson Nguyen