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Ryan Gilbert

There are a few paths you can take. In order to set yourself up for the transition, I would suggest saving a few months worth of expenses and researching what you want to do.

If you are working for a larger company, try to request a rotation. Switching gears might ignite your passion towards something else in the company. Sometimes just a change in work station is all that's needed.

The easiest path would be to search for a new career in your field. Maybe it's something about the current company that is the problem and switching might lead to better results.

The next way would be to use your degree to transition into a different field. Maybe a change in routine will allow you to learn more and become a better rounded civil engineer.

Starting a business also has advantages. If you have a hobby that you like and think would be marketable, try starting a small business out of it.

The last option I can think of would be going back to school. If you do this though, pick a career track to aim at going in. Research the end result before investing in education. I would go so far as to job shadow the desired role before starting school again.

It's great to recognize when you don't love a career path. Most people right out of college are lucky to have a job coming out. Those who are unemployed out of school take what they can get. This is a good time to explore the options and make sure that you transition to something that will drive you.

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Answered 5 years ago

Ryan Gilbert