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CJ Tracy

My husband finally got his associate's degree in Environmental Science last year at the age of 31. He would love to get a 4 year degree, but we haven't figured out how to manage that yet.

It was a struggle, but he gained so much from the experience.

Definitely decide what job you want and what education you need to get there. Determine if that job is attainable in your location.

A community college is a great place to start out. I would recommend taking at least a few regular in person classes before switching to online classes to get into the swing of things. Also, setting a two year degree as your first goal will feel more attainable, and it will be good to have that achievement in case life gets in the way of a 4 year degree.

Regarding online classes, they require a lot of self discipline. You might want to try taking a free not for credit class at coursera.org to see what it is like and if you think you can handle it.

When choosing a school, try to avoid for-profit schools like the University of Phoenix or anything similar advertised on TV. Many reputable colleges such as Penn State world campus offer online degrees.

Answered 9 years ago

CJ Tracy