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Yes, absolutely. Renewable energy is the future and if you can focus on your engineering towards that you will have bright future and also the electrical infrastructure in this country is aging along with other things of course and there is a huge potential in engineering, construction and other related areas. I wish you good luck with pursuing your degree.

Answered 5 years ago


Ryan Gilbert

100% an amazing choice. Electrical engineering is a great degree to have and can directly lead into a good and stable career. I work with a utility company that services natural gas and electricity. The electrical engineers that I work with provide consistent and reliable power to the good people of Houston and surrounding areas. They are also responsible for assisting operational efforts to restore power when it is lost. A significant amount of new technology has recently been implemented in find the root cause of power outages.
A link to the site explaining more about this technology:

Regardless of which specific career you are looking to dive into, I encourage you to shadow, intern, or co-op with companies in those fields to see what day-to-day operations are like. I suggest determining the ideal career path, finding companies in those fields, and request a shadow opportunity or tour to experience the career.
Best of skill!

Answered 4 years ago

Ryan Gilbert