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How does a young actor make their acting career "the priority" when they're forced to work in other fields to have an income? Any tips on how to balance "the real world" and a passion to portray any world a director chooses?

Many veteran actors tell younger actors that it'll be a while before they get any paid work. Building the resume becomes most actors' first priority after schooling. However, many "resume builders" are unpaid. Actors have to seek other sources of employment, but may lose the ability to go to auditions or be in productions.

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Starting out in entertainment is difficult, especially when you're not making money. You make your career your "priority" by continuously working on your craft. That includes doing things like voice, dance, and improv classes while doing your dead end job. It's about staying on your grind, even when you're tired, because you want no matter how hard the work is.

Often times it'll feel too hard, or you'll want to switch your priority to a better standard of living. But for some, they make sacrifices, like sharing an apartment with 3 or 4 people to be able to afford the things they need to make it.

Best of luck!

Answered 3 years ago