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I am trying to become a creative producer, how does one get in to that area of work?

I've been studying and learn all about screenwriter since I was eleven years old. But, only recently did I learned that my pick of ideas were so well chosen thatI should think about producing as well. I don't want to deal with money and all the other things normal producers do - I just want to do the basic preproduction work (all the things that go in to creating a feature film or TV Project) which falls under - Creative Producing. How Do I get in to this, it's not regular producing.....I'd like to know how to get in to it and learn how to do this in connection to SCREENWRITING as well. I have many different projects for TV and features. Maybe more seem suited for TV then I know but I am very much interested in finding out all this and more.

Thank you.

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Jesus Jesus

Go out and mingle with your city and its artists. When you have your city's support (lots of fans) and the confidence to beat your competition, it'll open opportunities like creative producing

Answered 6 years ago

Jesus Jesus