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Tracey Warr

Hello, if your planning to go to college, pick an University that specializes in film/TV production and be involved on campus whether its joining the school production team or tv/radio station. Volunteer or intern at your local film production companies. NETWORK on your journey. The film entertainment industry is VERY competitive but with the right determination and hard work, you can succeed. Brush up on your skills. Do you know how to edit, operate a camera, operate a sound board etc.? The more skills you have, the better chance you can be successful. Also, google your local film office. You can look on their "Bulletin Board" or "Crew/Casting Opportunities" and apply to those. You want to become very involved locally and then move to major cities like NY, ATL, or LA. Hope this helps. :)

Answered 9 years ago

Tracey Warr