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Tracey Warr

You have to BELIEVE in yourself. It seems like you already possess the talent but its always good to continue to study, build, and grow your craft. Your talent and passion is like a new born baby. You to provide it the best nutrients, love, training, and care so that it can grow and be successful. Every girl probably has the same dream, but you need to find that inner fight and hunger and belief that you have what it takes. If you continue focusing on what every other girl doing and if you continue to have doubts, you wont make it. You got it. BELIEVE!!! Work hard. The best things in life don't come easy.

Tip: The more skills you have, the better chance you have making it into the industry. Continue to practice singing, learn to write your own music, play an instrument(s), learn different styles of dance, take more acting classes. The more skills you have, the better chance of standing out!!!

Best of Luck

Answered 9 years ago

Tracey Warr