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Brandon Baldwin

That entirely depends on how naturally talented and dedicated you are. You have to have the right mix. You definitely have to be determined to be able to go the full mile in the film industry.

If really want to become a film director, start now. You don't need anything special to start working the type of videos you want to direct when you get older. Start making videos using whatever camera you have. Get some cheap lights and mess with lighting. Get some books on framing and setting up scenes. Get books on learning how to tell stories visually. Its a long road and a lot of work becoming a film director, but it is rewarding if you really want to do it. You may have already done the things above. I don't know.

The cheapest camera with the best quality video is going to be a Canon T2i or similar model (buy used for around $350-400). Then get some good lenses as you have money. Start filming anything and everything you can.

After you get your feet wet, start entering online contests and posting your videos to YouTube and forums to get feedback on them. Ask specifically how you can get better and be humble when they trash your videos. Then learn and get better.

After a while and if you are talented, you are bound to win some online contests (with prizes up to $50,000 for first place). I have several friends who have won these contests and are now working full time directing and editing commercials for companies because of the connections they made from winning the online contests. This is one avenue of getting into the business. I have one friend that makes around 3-4 commercial contest entries a month and makes at least $10,000 from his winnings, but he's very talented and has been doing this for several years.

Answered 9 years ago

Brandon Baldwin