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Nathalie Harewood

If animation is truly your passion, you should pursue it. Save yourself some money by going to community college for all of your general courses, be sure to double check that your dream college will accept the credit. Then transfer over to the college you want to go to. Eliminating general courses will make your education cheaper.

You also need to decide if you're going to college for the prestige or for the education. If you're able to go to a smaller, more affordable school and still get the same education, then you should do that.

In the end, it's your animation reel that will get you hired. You could be self taught and get a job as long as the quality of your work is good.

And remember, no matter where you decide to go to school, avoid buying text books at all costs. Find out what classes you have as soon as possible, find older students who took that course, get the book list and get it from the library before everyone else.

Best of Luck

Answered 5 years ago

Nathalie Harewood