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Ellen Berson

There are many different jobs within the entertainment industry, almost too many to list.

My advice is to take the time to look through the many books, articles, programs and documentaries on the industry - it will give you greater insight into the industry and a better idea of the many jobs that exist.

For example, on a TV Sitcom you have:
Producer(s), Director, Assistant Director, Prop Manager, Set Designer(s), Writer(s), Set Builders (construction), Script Supervisor, Lighting Director (s), Audio Recording Technicians, Wardrobe Designer(s), Dresser(s), Actor(s), Make-Up Artist(s), Hair Stylists, Line Producer, Studio Manager, and a large staff that supports each area (i.e., there can be an entire department of persons just for props and sets. Shows often have a house staff of writers and contract out scripts).

There is preproduction, production and post production.

I forgot, Catering, Broadcast Network representatives, Editor(s), additional post production editing, Legal, Accounting, Production Assistants, Show Runners...

Answered 9 years ago

Ellen Berson