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Katie Thompson

Being a photographer exposes you to a variety of emotions. It is exciting because you get to make your passion your career, but this is a particular job title that doesn't come with a steady paycheck. It can get stressful and finances can get tight at times, but if your passion and your talent are at a high enough level, as well as your motivation to start your own company, you will do just fine.

Photography is a very competitive field. Ranging from wedding to portrait to baby to pet photography, the industry is constantly growing and has clear front runners in every geographic region. To truly make photography your career you have to be a go-getter! You have to do the advertising, marketing, sales, and photography. It is a one man team. Outdoor photographers are almost always hired as freelancers, and rarely have contracts with a particular publication. Photojournalism will take a lot of experience and a beautiful portfolio to break into the field.

If being a photographer is your dream, the best advice I can give is to go out and DO IT. Look for a professional photographer that is seeking an apprentice. Make an account on stock image websites. Make social media sites (facebook, Linkedin) and market yourself. Start out by offering free photo shoots to build a portfolio if you don't have one. Put your best foot forward - good luck!

Answered 9 years ago

Katie Thompson