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After finishing a science Ph. D., I'm filling gaps in my skills to start a career in data science, but I wonder if I'm giving up my dream of being an inventor/entrepreneur for the safer option. What steps should I take to decide between pursuing what I think I'm good at versus what I think I love? How do I know if they these options are complementary or mutually exclusive?

I want to help 1 million people find and cultivate their life's calling. This could be a career in education technology--or not!

I have an overwhelming number of ideas to pursue, but I also realize the difficulty lies in execution... which presents a barrier to getting started. The obvious option is to get trained as a data scientist/engineer, then use those skills to build my own vision. But I often ask myself: would it be better to just start building and learn as I go? I have a lot of respect for the technical and business challenges I would face. Perhaps too much respect, as it makes me nervous to dive in without looking back.

For those that have taken the plunge, how do you suggest I gain clarity?

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Richard Klinger

Write down what it is you love to do
and then
find somebody to pay you to do it

and don't grow up
...it's a trap

Answered 3 years ago

Richard Klinger