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Wendy Robinson

Well, you definitely have the entrepreneurial mindset! We are a different breed! :)

The first thing I would say to you is to learn how to write down your thoughts. Journaling or keeping a small notebook handy to write your ideas down is very important. Entrepreneurs are very good at creating ideas in their heart and mind...but we tend to lack what it takes sometimes to take that idea to fruition. I use small, lined notebooks for my thoughts and ideas.

Now as for how to choose a career? Start with the things that you value the most. What are the personal values most important to you? Is it commitment to family? Fame, creativity, learning, loyalty, independence, generosity, adventure, service to others, money, faith/religion? Many of these may be important to you but I challenge you to choose the five that are MOST important to you.

Next, choose your work values. Things like working for a good cause, being challenged physically or mentally in your work, to work in an office or outside; working on a team or independently; to have regular hours or to make your own schedule; be well paid, work in a fast paced environment or at a more laid back place; work on projects that are always evolving and changing or on projects that have a start and end date. I've found that once I narrowed these types of values down, it helped me to make better career choices.

Lastly, (I promise...I'm not trying to bore you!) choose the lifestyle values that are most important to you. Spending time with family, living simply or lavishly, to save money, having time for personal growth projects...mind, body and spirit; to buy a car or a house, to be able to take care of your children and send them to college debt free; to take care of your parents as they get older, to travel and have fun, to be able to play sports and spend time on recreational activities; to have lots of friends or to have lots of personal privacy.

The career you choose should ultimately support all of the above values you've chosen for yourself. Many people start out by finding a job/career and then creating a life around the job. I am a firm believer in being true to your personal, work and lifestyle values and choosing a career that supports them!

Good luck and let me know how else I can help!

Answered 9 years ago

Wendy Robinson