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I am looking for local mentors in the Grand Rapids, MI area that are entrepreneurs. I have a start-up that I would like to have running by winter 2013, and am reaching out!

Tips on successful ways to secure a business loan, networking, and what to do if your business becomes too much for one person to handle?

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Robert Stein

I suggest you look for entrepreneurship programs at local colleges. “Small Business Incubators” might also have some opportunities for you. The idea is to affiliate yourself with people who are building small businesses from scratch. Pick people with a decent outlook on life, something to teach you about management and business, and a well thought out business plan.
One of the big keys is to associate yourself with honest people who can teach you something in addition to giving you the opportunity to earn. You are not looking for the person who is a repeat failure with a great idea “this time.” People who have been successful in one area are likely to be successful in other areas. These people are always looking for high potential people to mentor.
You might also join the local Chamber of Commerce and start attending council meetings and other places people who are already successful frequent. Keep in mind that “successful” can have a variety of definitions. The point is that people do not donate their time unless they have demonstrated some skills and been successful at doing something else already.

Answered 9 years ago

Robert Stein