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Matthew Molitch

The first step is to create a vision of what you would like to do, something that you can be passionate about and then take some action. These three things must be present in order to get things moving, Then the next step is to create a Business Plan. The business plan will have you prepare a narrative of who you are, what you would like to do, what competition is now in the market, how you would create a niche in that market, and financial requirements to move ahead. You would create spreadsheets of projected income and expenses, producing P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet projections.
There are inexpensive software programs to make it fairly easy to help with the creation of the Business Plan. It will take a lot of research to determine the viability of your idea.
Many people make the mistake of Ready, Fire, Aim, instead of Ready, Aim, Fire. Creating a Business Plan put the "Aim" in the proper place before jumping in, not knowing if the business can be profitable.

Answered 2 years ago

Matthew Molitch