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I have been seeking for individuals in the technology sector to help sort out my vision and future aspiration and guide in pushing me towards the right courses to take and which ones to avoid and introduce me to like minded people to network with to motivate and execute my goals. My question to you is have you dealt or assisted someone their own entrepreneur wants.

I have an idea in a new social network platform that's unique and needed to bring people closer to each other through technology. I'm aware that i will need a team that listen and better my idea but I fear of intellectual property being stolen because I lack the funds and security to patent my designs. What steps would you take if you were I'm my position

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Jenilyn Pentecostes

Put your idea on paper, preferably a business plan (you can research the format of the business plan on Google). Keep in mind that this is YOUR business plan so there's really no wrong or right way to do it. The formatting is just to give you a guideline as to what information is needed for investors or individuals to get an understanding of your idea. After you have written out your business plan that you feel best represents your idea then figure out what you want to do with your idea. I assume you want funding to build out your project so seek out angel investors. There are plenty of resources out there to connect your with angel investors. You don't have to worry about people stealing your ideas unless you are sharing it with under-qualified individuals. Investors are professionals and usually respect people's original ideas. There are also other sources of funding like crowdfunding (look it up). No matter what roadblocks you run into, remember that you can always work through it or around it. Best of luck to you!

Answered 7 years ago

Jenilyn Pentecostes