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Rodney Goodwin

It's always commendable when you enjoy helping others. Sales and helping others are not always compatible, as you know. In order to really enjoy what you do, in any aspect of business, it is important to "know" yourself, be confident in who you are and "why you are". That is to say, know what you are really good at, what comes "naturally" to you, sort of instinctively or through your intuition. So, first step in success is being very comfortable in your "own skin", That confidence and centeredness radiates and people feel it in your presence, your voice, your attitude and gravitate to you. Sales is selling yourself.

As to the industries that require your skills and services, they are countless. Not sitting at a computer might then mean that you need to consider work as a traveling sales person promoting a product, working retail dealing with the public, being in the travel industry, (airlines, cruise ships etc.) You may even apply to cruise lines to provide service and these jobs are 100% on the go, dealing with people, serving and serving. It can be rewarding and take you to new places and experiences.

It is important that whatever you choose, make sure you like the industry, the concepts, the philosophy of the business and most of all your bosses and your co-workers.

In essence, you hear what I am saying, "love yourself first" and don't settle for seconds.

Answered 4 years ago

Rodney Goodwin