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Otto Grajeda

I will answer the question based on my experience.

When I first enrolled in college, I was in a similar
situation. I was taking GE classes and needed
to decide on a major.

At the time, I turned my interests into options
for a bachelor's degree. For me, they included:
a) computer science, b) entrepreneurship, and
c) business administration.

Things that I liked and wanted to learn about.
Upon review of each option: I chose "a" but
after ~2.5 years of study, it became evident
to me... "c" would be the better choice.

The logic was "c": incorporates parts of "b" + "a"
is widely recognized, and has a longer useful life.
"b" was never a real consideration as it was new
and not widely accepted (in the labor force).

Times are different now but I would still
go the same route and recommend it.


PS: If pressed, the one change I would make.
Get a minor in one of your interests; it will keep
you busy during school but after graduation, it
may complement your lifestyle/career.

Answered 7 years ago

Otto Grajeda