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Tyrone Brackens

Hey, Komal

I think I may have a few words that may be beneficial to you and your career. First and foremost since there is still a lot of missing information (location, college degrees, passion, interest etc.); I will only give a few general responses . Since, you would like to start a business lets figure out in which area would make the most sense for you within the medical field concerning business. Do you want to work in the Management, Organization, Systems side, or do you want to teach, mentor, consult, coach?

At this moment you should be learning as much as you can about operating your practice within this industry? Do you need certificates that may boost your credibility? Is their a trade magazine that corporate wellness coaches are reading that could give you insight into starting your own business? Who are the top corporate wellness coaches in the world? Investigate, research, and find out how you can not only make a career out of this but also a difference for those who will come after you.

I would give you the cliche' talk based on business plans, websites, and branding; but that would be irrelevant at this stage called discovery. Once you begin to find a creative niche within this field then; the path will open up just a little more to help guide you along the process.

In the end...

1.find out what specific area you would like to serve in
2.find out who is already doing what you would like to do and emulate them
3.become a certified wellness counselor
4.network and join trade associations
5.join some groups on Linkedin if you haven't already
6.give away your medical knowledge (join studentmentor.org as a mentor and help other students with the 6 years you have in the medical field.
7.Don't give up (you can reposition yourself) but don't give up.

I hope this gives you that start that you need as you can continue to reach out to me if needed.

Tyrone Brackens

Answered 7 years ago

Tyrone Brackens