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To open an online business do I have to have an business degree, or stick to the entrepreneurship degree to obtain the skills needed to open a web site store, blogs, or even video sales representations?

So should I gain more knowledge in my computer skills or blogs, learn how counselors utilize their skills to assist and advise people and answer questions while being paid for these services. Do I need web training, or just pay for your web design, like go daddy or some other web designers? How do people get paid for their web services?

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Steve Zinaman

If you have an idea for an online business, write a business plan and shop it around for funding. You will need to have those who you show the plan to, sign a confidentaility agreement.

On line businesess sell products or services. The uniqueness of your business idea should also peak the interests of those who might invest in your idea. Don't underestimate the funds that will be needed to get your business idea from you plan to reality.

You don't need a degree. You need an idea.

Finally the term entrepeneur is often over-used or misunderstood. An entrepeneur is an individual who drives his ideas to reality. They run businesses, they create value and wealth, and they are comfortable running an organization.

Answered 2 years ago

Steve Zinaman