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Cedric Davis

Hmmm...there are soo many ways to practice! I LOVE how you said "practice"!! Practice practice practice makes...progress!! First, start by learning how to sew and make clothing. Learn the fundamentals of design and practice! I always tell everyone to go to the nearest Jo-Ann fabrics store and ask about their sewing classes. After you get knowledge of how to sew and make clothing, your knowledge of fashion will expand! After you've learned the basics of sewing explore careers such as fashion merchandising, fashion design, and sales (research online). Also, make sure that you are reading Vogue magazine as well as Womens Wear Daily. Those are great fashion sources for the latest news and trends in the fashion industry. Next if you decide that you love/like fashion pursue a degree in fashion, get formal training and apply for internships. You can apply for internships now actually. Just be honest with employers, tell them your situation and that you desired to learn and get experience within the fashion industry. The fashion industry is ALWAYS looking for interns! Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

Cedric Davis