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Yvonne Soto

Hi there!

I am exited to hear your interest in the fashion industry. Believe me this industry is cut throat not many people can make it. But I'll let you know a little secret, now that your in college make lots of connections and I mean lots. Don't just narrow it down to adults but also to students. Many students into business, marketing and advertising will also be working in the fashion industry.

I know you mentioned your from a very small town in Arkansas. I'm not exactly sure how small it may be but if your in college there's a lot of resources like if your interested in publishing you can see if you can write an article for the local newpaper or college paper, if none are avalible try writing a blog about things you admire, your daily life or just plain what you wear.

If publication is not your fortay but public relations is and you love interacting with others, try to enter your colleges organizations. I remember I joined a entirely different organization in college, that had nothing to do with fashion but I was the Public Relations Chair for two years, it gave me an in depth into advertising and that is where I found my passion, fashion/event planning/public relations.

So here's the big secret, everyone's trying to make it out there but its how much you really want it and are willing to push to get it. Do internships and a lot of them, its an easy way to gain experience and learn what would you be able to do in the long run. Also, if you work part time in a store/restaurant that's good too because its customer service. Get a lot of experience, I can't tell you the amount of undergrads in my college who have positions in organizations, work part time and intern part time in the field.
Believe me all the work pays off in the end. I do know you said its a small town so if you have the means or family relatives in a big city try to see for the summer if you can intern for a company and be able to crash with them or stay at a university who allows out of town student to stay with them in their dorms.

If your not able try to see your local companies, department stores or even a small boutique. You'll be surprised how many people come into play in the industry.

I hope my advice helps you out and don't feel you're drowning in a small town, I studied in a small town and loved every minute of it. One day you'll leave to the big cities (make sure to visit before you make the move) and you'll get to fall in love all over again with your small town.

If you have any further questions let me know!

Answered 9 years ago

Yvonne Soto