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Cedric Davis


First step is to determine if your college that you want to go to offers a fashion design or fashion merchandising program. Also see if they offer a photography program/major. If they do not then you need to find a school that has both or at least one (fashion or photography). Once you have the fundamental education in both disciplines then it will be easier to figure out a general path to take in fashion or photography. For example, after taking design courses you may figure out that you want to be a designer, or after taking merchandising or fashion marketing courses you may decide you want to be a merchandiser or work in fashion public relations. After taking photography courses and some fashion courses you may decide that you really want to be a fashion photographer. So again, make sure that the college you choose has both a fashion design and merchandising program and photography or atleast one of the disciplines. I hope this helped!

Answered 7 years ago

Cedric Davis