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Alisa Abrams

My first thoughts are, NEVER QUIT on any plan or idea you have for your future. You should not be discouraged because of age ( you are in fact very young) but regardless of your age, you should not remain stuck in a field or a job in life where you do not feel 100% fulfilled. The feeling of uncertanity and worry going on within you about starting a career in fashion is ultimately a very good thing. It signifies an awareness you have about making some big moves, being unsure of the path, and wondering how hard it will be to get where you want to end up. The fact that you are experiences these thoughts means that it is really important that you examine them more closely and follow through with what this means for you.
I have started a fashion retail business with my siblings having ZERO experience in the fashion world. I was a woman who loved fashion all my life but as far as practical knowledge of design, business, marketing, etc. I was clueless. I met a ton of people with an interest in "fashion". I think a good place to start is long term where do you see yourself in fashion ( assume that you had zero obstacles in place and anything was possible) Where would you want to end up? If you have a picture of that space in your mind, I think its easier to take steps back and see what you may need to do and change to get there.
I will personally tell you that I was in your shoes and at 31 years old, I still did not feel entirely content on what I was doing in life. I felt that because everyone around me was settled that it would be impossible for me to achieve much more than I had at that point. I can tell you, that was not the case.
To answer your question: to get anywhere in life we have to start at the bottom. Now, the bottom can mean different things and different places depening on what you are trying to achieve but as I said I think you need to focus more specifically on the area in fashion ( translation what an average day in your life would be if you had your dream job) and go from there. With that understanding, its much easier to suggest ways to start that process.
It is truly possible..

Answered 6 years ago

Alisa Abrams