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Debra DeWeese

First, congratulations on securing your GED. That is an important accomplishment!

You have mentioned many moving pieces, and it sounds overwhelming. The way to tackle a big full plate, is to break it down to bite-size pieces.

I also think that if you love doing hair, that it is a solid business, and you can make a good living at it.


Working 56 hours / week, leaving little time for career investment (although not impossible)
Pay rent
Pay bills
Need a car
Hairdressing school = time and investment

- I would begin by researching hairdressing schools, learning how much time and cost it takes for training, and learn the projected timeframe to build clientele. Based on your research, it should answer if it's worth the time and effort.

- Another option would be to meet with a guidance counselor at your local community college. I would imagine there are counselors at no charge to you, that could help with options and guidance.

- Another option is to get a full-time job in a company (manufacturing is always a good option). In this way you have a steady income, benefits, and education reimbursement (may be tied to one year employment before eligible) for approved classes. It would likely not allow hairdressing, however, you may find that if you can get a degree funded, it may open other areas of interest.

Bottom-line is that if you do nothing different than what you are doing now, you will remain working 56 hours/week and still have all the same issues facing you.

Lastly, life goes so fast! Blend (not balance) your career, home life, and fun to the best of your ability. Take care of yourself so that you feel good! Celebrate your small successes as you walk towards your bigger goals!

I am hopeful that this provides some guidance and support. Best to you in whatever path you choose!


Answered 8 years ago

Debra DeWeese