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What's the best way to find an internship in the field of finance?

Major: Business Economics and Finance
Future Career Interest: Financial Analyst

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Barret Goman

The field of finance is very broad. I would start by narrowing what you'd like to do. Personally, I am more interested in real estate finance and investment sales. This means coming up with an IRR and other appropriate metrics to determine profitable property investments. However, you could focus on an analyst position, which would be essentially the same thing except focused on projects and strategic decisions for companies. You could also become a financial adviser if you like helping people. So there are many options.

From there, you can narrow your internship search. When looking for jobs/internships I used my college career center (though they were not very helpful), LinkedIn, Indeed, and then went directly to the any company website I could think of. For example, I became a candidate for Edward Jones' Financial Adviser Program simply by submitting my resume on their website. A lot of times these companies don't advertise on third party websites. Try: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Edward Jones, Morgan Stanley, etc. You could even branch out to companies like General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, etc. Finance people are needed in every company you can think of.

The other thing I found useful was brainstorming with family/friends. Other people can often think of companies or options that you may not have even realized were out there.

Finally, I think the best resource I used in my search for real estate/finance related work was SelectLeaders.com. They have a running database of real estate companies that are hiring for all kinds of entry level and internship positions. Keep in mind, even though this is a real estate specific resource, a lot of times they will have analyst opportunities that will give you the experience you're looking for and will serve as a fantastic resume builder.

Good luck!

Answered 5 years ago

Barret Goman

Raj Krishnamoorthy

You can find information on the following websites - internmatch.com, experience.com, idealist.org, HC careerette section, indeed.com. Some of the above websites may have tie-ups with your universities. If you need more leads speak to professors, friends, or find alumni groups from your school and ask for contacts in your area of career field. From my experience or circle of friends on finance, you can choose internships as an associate in finance, or finance intern, Compliance analyst to name few. Some of the companies have networks finance which consolidates information on finance, forecasting and budgeting information from different subsidiaries of their own company and generate report for the management. I think one of the above websites should point you in right direction. Hope this helps.


Answered 5 years ago

Raj Krishnamoorthy

Katora Boyce-Bey

USAjobs is a really good site to check out for internships, but it's really competitive. You could also check out indeed.com for internships as well. This is a good site because they give you the dates that the jobs have been posted. I've actually applied for a job through indeed and got hired. Good luck. I'm not sure if you should be specific about what part of the finance field you want to pursue.

Answered 5 years ago

Katora  Boyce-Bey

Andrea Reid

Most large banks have programs for students right out of college. You can find the details by calling their Employment Office. You can also probably find the same help by going to a Job Center or (unemployment office). Also, check out Internships.com.

Answered 4 years ago

Andrea Reid