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Wendy Robinson

Have you thought about starting an art blog? It would satisfy your love for writing and art. In order to monetize it, you could offer advertising spots on the blog for businesses that want to expose their products and services to your audience.

You don't specify what type of art you enjoy but let's say you had an interest in street artists. You could start a blog about the different types of street artists there are, where they create and sell their art...a sort of online gallery. You could review their art and tell people where to find them state by state....like an online curator.

The types of businesses that would advertise on your site would be those that had products and services for the artists AND for the people that would buy the art.

Tour companies could advertise their services for tours of art fairs in cities around the country...

Supply stores could advertise on your site.

The artist's themselves might want to advertise on your site...

The possibilities are endless!

Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

Wendy Robinson