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Leonard Franchebois

Persistence Persistence Persistence

Disney has a very limited number of summer internships at all of their parks and studios. Submit early, completely and correctly, every year. If you receive a rejection letter, IMMEDIATELY follow up with a thank you card, inside which simply ask for the reasons behind your rejection to add to your toolbox next year. If you get one of these internships, make the most of it. It's the happiest place on earth right? You need to be the most positive, upbeat and happy person there! Forget can do/will do - you need to be DOES.

Disney sees talent and if you exhibit a genuine enthusiasm, for what ever job or role your given, you can advance. ALSO, never stop learning, make sure you have a you tube page and facebook - be funny and interesting and most of all G/PG on your facebook and you tube.

Answered 6 years ago

Leonard Franchebois