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CJ Tracy

Acting is a very competitive field in which it is difficult to make a living. In theory, you do not need a college degree for either field. To become a tattoo artist, you need to have artistic talent and be willing to do an internship at a tattoo shop for several years. You will spend a lot of time sweeping floors. You can do that and act in community theater on the side. Not sure how college fits into the picture.

College is very expensive and unless you have rich parents, you might regret wasting the experience.

If you already can't draw well enough to do tattoos, art classes will not get you there.

It will be more difficult to get acting jobs with a lot of tattoos (not that you have to have a ton to be a tattoo artist but it is typical).

I know someone who majored in acting at one of the tip programs in the country and works in high-end daycare.

Sorry if this sounds harsh - just being real.

Answered 9 years ago

CJ Tracy