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When it comes to majoring in a music degree, how do you truly go about deciding which degree is best?

I know that a Music Education Degree allows you to do pretty much anything in music. However, I am not sure if I want to continue in Music Education, but maybe focus more on major in Music Composition. Is that a limitation?

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Jana Durham

I have my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a focus in music (Voice and Piano). I minored in Business Administration. I worked as a professional opera singer and worked in professional light opera and dinner theater. I then worked for a television production studio and entertainment lawfirms in Los Angeles negotiating entertainment contracts. The performing did not pay the bills, and I had to supplement that with a day job and became successful with the day job. The music industry is very competitive and the must have on that list is to be sure you LOVE it, whether it be composing, teaching or performing and you are very talented and well trained. When you are gifted in multiple disciplines, and it sounds as if you are, it is both a gift and a curse - LOL. If you are debating between pursuing a music career as a composer, or whether to focus on music education, perhaps it makes sense to get your degree in music composition if that specific degree is available, and minor in education. That way you will get a sense of what it truly means to be a composer and you will be exposed to more information about the market for that field. If you minor in education, you can pick up your teaching degree fairly easily if the composing thing doesn't work for you. If you are classically educated as a composer - all the knowledge you will need about music comes with the package and it will only be the teaching part of it that you would need to supplement for a career. Keep in mind, music education in this country has dropped out of the public schools (which is a crying shame). Why don't you open a music school for young people in your community and you can teach music and composition? There you go! I'm not sure this is helpful, and I'm happy to help you further, but I would need to know more about you.

Answered 2 years ago

Jana Durham