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Nishad Shah

To become an ice cream taster, first, you need to have the passion and a good taste for ice creams as well as the enjoyment for them! By good taste, make sure that for each ice cream that you're trying out, you need know what kind of ingredients that are in there and know the actual flavors. Another is make sure you do not eat anything that is too spicy, bitter, salty, or source beforehand (e.g. coffee, lemon, curries, etc). Otherwise, your tongue won't be able to deduce the taste of the ice cream more accurately. Know what kind of flavors you are tasting and you can determine how it can be better or best of all, how you can improve it by creating your own flavor. That's all you need to be as an ice cream taster and it's both a good and a rare career.

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Answered 9 years ago

Nishad Shah