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Ben Bradbury

Hi there. Here are a few questions that might help you make a decision.

1. Which professions/jobs make the most money? (You should be able to find this on the web. Rank this list by the highest salary on top and the lowest on on the bottom.

2. Of this professions, which one(s) could I see myself doing? What excites me about this profession? What do I not like about this profession? (Don't just look at the top three. It is okay to go with a profession that doesn't make the most but excites you more.)

3. Of the profession that I selected, what qualifications are needed to obtain that job?

4. What major(s) will prepare me to meed these qualifications?

5. Of these majors (there often is more than one way to obtain your goal), which one is the best fit for me? (i.e. balance of math, science and English).

My advice is to pick a "tent-maker" major - one that teaches you a technical skill that helps you land an entry level job. From there, you can develop "transferable skills" that help you move across disciplines if you find the desire to do so. For instance, I majored in Biochemistry, worked in research for a while, and am know working in Finance because I developed an analytic skill set that was transferable.

Answered 9 years ago

Ben Bradbury