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Alan Bockhaus

I have been in government several years. Several years more as a private consultant and now as SES. We should talk about how you think State and Federal agencies are run at the department level. always being renewed is very true. But the process as to what to renew and which system to buy. In one year we went from Microsoft email to microsoft lyncin and just a few weeks ago to the new Lync video app. No fun to learn a program only to have it vanish in 4 months. I created a power point presentation and was told to do it in microsoft and I sent it to Jacksonville who wanted to present it to Tampa but Tampa was only running Lync and could not view the presentation.....Hmmmm...pain in the butt...lol. The State wants us to use the new LIDAR data set but will not buy the required software to utilize the data to its potental. Very frustrating. If you would like to chat more, let me know.

Answered 6 years ago

Alan Bockhaus