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Henry Eng

The Federal government has many different agencies, which you can probably explore by doing an online search. But, I would suggest you first take a look at what interests and specific skills you have to get a match with the jobs at the different federal agencies. I would also suggest that you keep an open mind about the possibility of working for a state agency as I spent over 34 years working for the state of California, providing services to help persons with disabilities become more independent and employed. you may also want to do some research by reviewing reference materials such as the Occupation Outlook Handbook, a federal publication. State employment agencies may also have occupational guides about different careers.

When you have narrowed down the types of positions you think you might be interested in, find some people who do those jobs and interview them. That will help you figure out if that is the path for you. Good luck.

Answered 7 years ago

Henry Eng