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Barbara Bleiweis

Tons and tons. Public service is all about delivering, managing, services..and the organizational infrastructure to deliver on that is immense. There is room for budget and accounting folks. The government is at it's core, a large check writer. There are tons of folks who need to manage these "books" so to speak, and to do so in compliance with government accounting practices. There are folks who monitor the accountants too! There are acquisition folk, contracting officers and other Professionals who develop and issue solicitations and award contracts. Once contracts are awarded, there is a huge need for contract mangers as well as program managers to ensure that goods or services are rendered on time. There are tons of folks with technical backgrounds. Scientists involved in research for medicine ( ie National institutes of a Health, ) environmental engineers who monitor air and water quality. There are also folks in law enforcement. If you can be more specific, I can be more specific as well as I have spent over 30 years in Federal sales and am willing to share more thoughts.

Answered 8 years ago

Barbara Bleiweis